MA Psychology

Liberal Arts
IILM University - Greater Noida, IILM University - Gurugram
  • Duration: 2 Year
  • Eligibility: Bachelor Degree in any discipline from a recognized University.

Major in Psychology incorporate a scientific approach in the study of behavior and mental experiences.

Emphasis is on the development of analytical and expressive skills (e.g., research, paper review, writing and oral presentation); bases of investigation, critical thinking, and communication further creating a promising career for students.

Learning Objectives

  • An understanding of psychological concepts, appropriate techniques for the working knowledge and application of psychology.
  • Demonstrate psychological information literacy, engage in innovative and integrative thinking, interpret, design, conduct research and incorporate socio-cultural factors in scientific enquiry.
  • To apply ethical standards for evaluation in practice and counseling in order to build credibility and enhance interpersonal relationships.
  • Adoption of values that build the community at local, national and global levels.
  • To be able to apply psychological concepts and skills to career goals, exhibit self-efficacy and self-regulation, demonstrate emotional intelligence for working in teams and develop a meaningful professional direction for life.
  • Be able to communicate and negotiate based on critical thinking and informed judgment leading to problem-solving and decision-making skills.
  • Cognitive flexibility which enables adaptability to uncertainty in a rapidly changing environment.

Our Curriculum


  • History of Psychology
  • Psychology of Cognition & Emotion
  • Statistics
  • Personality
  • Practicum-I
  • Physiological Psychology
  • Psychopathology Across Lifespan
  • Psychological Testing & Assessment
  • Practicum-II Testing and experiments
  • Principles & Techniques of Counselling
  • Life Span Development
  • Practicum/Field work in Clinical/Counseling/OB
  • Understanding Social Psychology
  • Project/Dissertation

Students are offered specializations in two areas: Clinical Psychology and Organizational Psychology, wherein in total six specific electives are offered in second year of course. Specifically, three electives each in Semester-III & IV.

Discipline Specific Electives

  • Organizational Psychology
  • Clincial Psychology
  • Consumer Psychology & Advertising
  • Psychotherapy
  • Human Resource Management
  • Rehabilitation Psychology
  • Change Management
  • Neuroscience of Positive Psychology
  • Psychological Well-Being at Workplace
  • Family & Couple Therapy
  • Career Counselling & world of work
  • Health & Community Psychology
  • Training & Development
  • CBT-REBT: Basic Applications


The program aims to give a thorough training in Psychology (theoretical and practical exposure through internship) with specialization in clinical or organizational subfield.
A master’s program in Psychology is often required to begin a career as a psychologist. Depending upon the objective, one might be required to pursue additional qualifications. Psychology presents a great career option today and the future holds greater opportunities.
Care is taken to bring in the elements of skill to enhance employment opportunities.


  • Amar Ujala
  • Socially Souled
  • Lemon Tree Hotel
  • PsychEDD
  • Psychoshiksha


  • Manastha Health solutions
  • Evolve brain (neurofeedback technician)
  • Stay Curious (business development department)

Departmental Activities

  • PsyQuest MAGZINE

Research Work

Name Publication URL
Ananya Suri (BA PSY 2019)
Agriima Nanda (BA PSY 2018)
Ananya Maheshwari (BA PSY 2018)
Ritwik Khurana (BA PSY 2018)
Rhea Mahajan (BA PSY 2018)
Arushi Bhatnagar (BA PSY 2018)
Jasnoor Kaur (BA PSY 2018)

Career Prospects

Hospitals | NGO’s | Clinical/ Child |Youth Guidance Centres |Welfare Organizations | Rehabilitation Centres | Corporate Sector | Consultancies |Training Organizations | Research Establishments| United Nation Agencies