M.Tech (Computer Science)

IILM College of Engineering & Technology, Greater Noida
  • Duration: 2 Year

M.Tech (Computer Science) is a full-time, two-year, Postgraduate Program, affiliated by Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Technical University.

The objective of the M.Tech program in Computer Science and Engineering is to impart advanced level knowledge in the field of specialization making the students suited to better academia as well as industry and assume responsibilities requiring greater research, design and development aptitude. The M Tech programs provide for compulsory core courses, elective subjects and intensive project work in the respective area of specialization.The Program focuses on practical implementations of the ideas by means of research oriented projects. Post graduate students get opportunity to work on latestresearch topics for their Dissertation.





M.Tech Computer Science & Engineering 2nd Year


M.Tech Computer Science & Engineering 1st Year


Course Eligibility
(Computer Science)
Candidates must have passed B.E/B.Tech in their respective disciplines with a minimum of 50% in aggregate (45% of SC/ST/Reserve candidates)

Research & Collaboration

Permeability effects on unsteady MHD flow of visco-elastic Oldroyd fluid under time varying body force through a rectangular channel in the presence of Hall current.‘ ~ by Dr. Satya Sagar Saxena, Associate Professor in Mathematics, IILM College of Engineering and Technology, Greater Noida


In this paper, an analysis of the effects of permeability of medium on unsteady MHD flow of Oldroyd fluid under time varying body force through a rectangular channel taking Hall current into account is presented. The velocity profiles of a fluid element are discussed theoretically and graphically. From this flow we have also deduced the flow of visco-elastic Rivlin-Ericksen fluid and ordinary viscous fluid. These types of rheological problems are used in factories and industries. The velocity profiles are evaluated numerically and presented graphically using MATLAB for different values of flow parameters.

Keywords: Hall Current; Oldroyd fluid; Body force; Permeability; MHD
2000 AMS Subject Classification
76A05, 76A10, 76S05, 76W05
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> “Study of Real-time Operating System and its Scheduling Procedures” Durgesh Raghuvanshi.. International Journal of trend in scientific Research and Development, 2018. (CSE 3rd SEM).

> “Bellman Ford Shortest path algorithm using global positioning system” Kalpana and Abhishek Tyagi. International Research journal of engineering and Technology, 2017. (CSE 7th SEM).

> “A review on Google Glasses- An Advance Technology” Md. Shahid Ali Khan and Divya Gaur. International Forum of Researchers students and Academician, 2016. (CSE 7th SEM).

> “The study of emerging technology & application of Internet of things (IOT) in the era of Generation-Z”. At National Conference on Research Aspects in Internet of Things (NCIOT 21-22 July, 2017). Student: Deepanshu Vashisth. Computer Sciences Engineering