MBA Entrepreneurship

Management, MBA
IILM University - Greater Noida, IILM University - Gurugram
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Entrepreneurs convert opportunities into organizations and institutions. They work in the uncharted territories, in unlimited uncertainties with constraints on resources.

They have a high-risk appetite, take decisions amidst limited information and yet are critical for creating .wealth and adding value to the lives of people. The program MBA Entrepreneurship is designed to equip a student who wishes to have a start-up, join his/her family business or be an Entrepreneurial Manager (that is an employee in a start-up) to be able to handle challenges that are thrown at him/her in his/her entrepreneurial journey. The challenges would include making decisions in the environment of limited information, creating opportunities within constraints, resolving a complex business problem. Students will understand the impact of their decisions on multiple stakeholders like employees, investors, channel partners, society and government.

List of Courses

In addition to the functional skills learnt in the first year, students will have modules like
  1. Design Thinking & Creativity for Business
  2. First 100 Days
  3. The X- Factor – Human Capital in Start-ups
  4. Crowd Funding and Applications in Entrepreneurial Finance
  5. Entrepreneurs’ Journey (Interactions with entrepreneurs)
  6. Entrepreneurial and sustainable innovation Marketing
  7. Law & Management
  8. Launch Lab
  9. Social Entrepreneurship & Sustainable Innovation
  10. Collaborating & Negotiating for Success
  11. Product Development & Pricing Management
  12. New Venture Creation
  13. Family Business management
  14. Marketing Practices in Digital World

How does it address the need for transferable skills?

The course will equip the students with tools like business model design, lean testing, and customer and channel analytics-that are particularly relevant to entrepreneurs, as well as introduce students to the fundamentals of entrepreneurial finance and governance.
They will also be exposed to tools like community need assessment technique, systematic experimentation, design thinking and process of fund raising.


How does it meet contemporary demands and job opportunities?

India needs more job creators vs job seekers today. Since 2016, the Start-Up India Initiative has already generated over 5,60,000 jobs directly or indirectly through registered start-ups. Of the organizations that have recently been recognized as Unicorns (over 1 billion valuations), all are start-ups.
After this course, not only with the students be equipped to start their own venture and improve their success rate, many students who plan to work with start-up will get a better understanding on how to work in an entrepreneurial venture . Due to their understanding of the start-up ecosystem, their chances of job and growth will be better. In the current scenario, even established organizations prefer employees with entrepreneurial mindsets with the ability to provide a solution in the VUCA environment.