Dr Anamika

IILM University

Dr. Anamika

Associate Professor


Dr. Anamika is Associate Professor of Education at the IILM University, Gurugram.She has taught post-graduate and undergraduate courses in the Department of Education, University of Delhi, Lady Shri Ram College for Women and Jamia Millia Islamia. She was the exclusive point of contact for Government of India’s two high profile schemes, namely Study in India and SPARC.She had represented the Ministry of Education in various international meetings, such as UNESCO 40th General Conference, Paris, France (member of the delegation headed by the Honourable Minister of Education in 2019); ASEM Working Group on Credit Transfer and Learning Outcome Mechanism, Lyon, France; ASEM Working Group on Digitalisation, Berlin, Germany; ASEM Working Group on ASEM Vision and Strategy 2030, Berlin, and the National Commissions for UNESCO Members States, Istanbul, Turkey. She was a recipient of Taiwan Government’s Scholarship for PhD in Education at the National Chengchi University, Taipei (2006-2009). She was a visiting scholar at the Department of Education, Uppsala University, Sweden (2018). She is on the International Editorial Board of Human Rights Education Review. Dr Anamika has published on the pedagogy of human rights education in international journals and edited books. Her articles on Common University Entrance Test, opening up of International Branch Campuses in India and on UNESCO’s International Bureau of Education had appeared in op-ed page of the Indian Express.She has presented papers on human rights education at Uppsala University, Sweden, Georg Eckert Institute, Brunswick, Germany and at Kwa-zulu-Natal University, Durban, South Africa.

Educational Qualifications

  1. PhD (Education), Department of Education, NCCU, Taipei, Taiwan.
  2. MPhil (East Asian Studies), Department of East Asian Studies, University of Delhi, Delhi.
  3. MA (History), University of Delhi, Delhi.
  4. M.Ed. (Administration of Education and Educational Technology), Department of Educational Studies, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi.
  5. MA (Philosophy), IGNOU, New Delhi.
  6. Bachelor of Elementary Education, University of Delhi, Delhi.
  7. UGC-NET (Education).

Latest Publications

  1. Anamika (2021). “Digitalisation and Higher Education: Impact of Digital Transformation on the ASEM Education Process”. Stocktaking Report: From Bucharest to Bangkok. ASEM Education Ministers’ Meeting-8, Bangkok, Thailand. https://we.tl/t-­‐9GzWrUNc1j
  2. “Anamika (2021). Gandhi’s Philosophy and Human Rights Education” in P. Das and A. Vaidyanathan (Eds.), Discovering Education and Society: A Gandhian Perspective, pp.86-100. Shipra: New Delhi.
  3. Nygren, T., Kronlid, D.O., Larsson, E., Novak, J., Bentrovato, D., Wassermann, J., Welply, O., Guath, M., and Anamika (2020). Global Citizenship Education for global citizenship? Students’ views on learning about, through, and for human rights, peace, and sustainable development in England, India, New Zealand, South Africa, and Sweden. Journal of Social Science Education, vol.19 (4), 63-97.
  4. Anamika (2018), Sweden’s Contribution to Human Rights Education in China and the Raoul Wallenberg Institute in Chakrabarti, S. (Ed.) Higher Education in India and China: Select Perspectives, New Delhi: Aakar.
  5. Anamika (2017), “Pedagogy of Human Rights Education and Secondary School Pre-Service Teachers in India: Philosophy and Praxis”, PROSPECTS: UNESCO’s Quarterly Review of Comparative Education,180 (1-2), 119-131.
  6. Anamika (2018), “Pedagogy of Human Rights Education in an Elementary School of New Delhi: Probing the Role of Social Science Teachers”, Voice of Teachers and Teacher Educators. 6(2), 28-37.

Latest Articles in Newspaper

  1. Anamika (2022), “Not An Equaliser”, The Indian Express, 13 April 2022. https://indianexpress.com/article/opinion/columns/common-university-entrance-test-admission-education-students-pressure-7866714/
  2. Anamika (2021),“China and the future of UNESCO’s curriculum framing body”, The Indian Express, 30 May 2021.
  3. Anamika (2021),“After the Offer Letter”,The Indian Express, 22 January 2021. https://indianexpress.com/article/opinion/columns/national-education-policy-colleges-iit-iim-placements-collaboration-iit-iim-7156431/
  4. Anamika (2020),“Open Campus Challenge: NEP’s vision for drawing foreign universities to India requires fine-tuning.” The Indian Express, 4 September 2020, p.8. https://indianexpress.com/article/opinion/columns/national-education-policy-open-campus-6582118/