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Dr. Komal



A versatile and passionate academic professional with over 10 years of teaching experience, Dr. Komal is PhD in Corporate Law. She has authored a text-book, “Law related to Mergers and Acquisitions” and edited ‘Contours of Real Estate Laws’ besides being a dedicated teacher and mentor in the discipline. She has completed courses in Intellectual Property Rights from the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), published and presented papers and scholarly pieces in numerous international and national forums and journals widely contributing to the creation of knowledge in niche areas of her expertise.
Dr. Komal has been involved in various legal aid initiatives which are a unique and well-appreciated Socio-Legal experiment in community emancipation through direct participation and empowerment of stakeholders. Her expertise in Commercial laws has been tapped by the Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) for the creation of discipline specific for the benefit of the broader community of learners in the country. Her research and writing acumen has combined the theoretical and practical aspects of law to mould a teaching pedagogy in law school.


  • B.A. LL.B.: M D University Rohtak, India
  • LL.M. (Corporate Laws): M D University Rohtak India
  • Ph.D. (Corporate Law): M D University Rohtak India

Area of interest- Labour and Industrial Laws, Mergers and Acquisitions, Corporate Laws, Taxation Laws.

Book Publications

  • Book titled, ‘Law related to Mergers and Acquisitions’ with Thomson Reuters.
  • Book named “BUSINESS LAW” ISBN NO.81-8218-072-4.
  • Edited Book Named, ‘Contours of Real Estate, ISBN: 978-93-89407-59-4, published with Thomson Reuters.
  • International Conference on Child Rights Ansal University, 27 April, 2019, ISBN: 978-164570093-7.

Research Article Published

  1. Research Article ‘Trademark registration through the lenses of distinctive principle” published in The Journal of Oriental Research Madras UGC care journal Vol 13, no 47, ISSN : 0022-3301, November 2021.
  2. Research Article ‘Contract Labor in India: Critical Analysis of The Current and Prospective Changes in The Legal Framework’ published in The Journal of Oriental Research Madras UGC care journal ISSN : 0022-3301 November 2021.
  3. Research Article ‘Analysis of Corporate Insolvency Resolution Process Under Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code published in lkogretim Online – Elementary Education Online, 2020; Vol 19 (Issue 3): pp. 3135-3141 in 2020 Scopus indexed.
  4. Research Article ‘Protection of Non-Conventional Trademarks: Issues and the Road Ahead, published in Turkish Journal of Computer and Mathematics Education Vol.11 No.2 (2020), ISBN NO. 695-705 in August 2020 Scopus indexed.
  5. Research Article ‘Principle of distinctiveness in Trademark registration; How far it can be stretched? published in Vol 68, Issue 69, January 2020 in Our Heritage Journal with ISSN : 0474-9030 (Impact factor 6.6)
  6. Research paper, “Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Legal World – Way Ahead” published in Dogo Rangsang Research Journal UGC Care Group I Journal ISSN: 2347-7180 Vol-07 Issue-19 August page no 207-219.
  7. Research Paper published, “Child abuse and child trafficking in India: A situation analysis” in UGC Care Journal Wesleyan Journal of Research Vol 13 No 4 in July 2020.
  8. Paper title “Affordable Access to Patented Life Saving Drugs” published in International Research journal Pramana, (Impact Factor – 6.2) (ISSN Number:2249-2976) 2019
  9. Paper titled ‘Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development in Indian Perspective’ published in Internationally Indexed Peer Reviewed & Refereed International Research Journal of Management Sociology & Humanities (ISSN 2277 – 9809 (0) 2348 – 9359 P) Vol – 10, Issue – 3(Impact Factor :6.2311)
  10. Article titled “Competition Law and Consumer Welfare” published in peer reviewed International Journal of Advanced Research in Law and Social Science ISSN No. (2455-491X).
  11. Paper titled “The Indian Judiciary Can Never Decide All Murders and Rape Cases within 6 Months” published in International Refereed Research Journal named Yugshilpi with ISSN-0975-4644.
  12. Paper titled “The Status Women in India: Social and Legal Aspect” published in International Refereed Research Journal named Yugshilpi with ISSN-0975-4644.
  13. Paper titled “Child Rights in India” published in International Refereed Research Journal named Chintan Research Journal ISSN-2229-7227.
  14. Paper titled “Death Penalty: Contemporary Issues “published in International Refereed Research Journal named Justice ISSN: 2320-1665.
  15. Paper titled “National Food Security Act, 2013-A Boon or A Bane” published in International Refereed Research Journal named Parman Research Journal ISSN: 2249-2976.
  16. Paper titled “Corruption in Governance: Challenges and Solutions, published in an International Refereed Journal named Indian Journal of Social Concerns.ISSN-2231-5837.
  17. Paper titled “Right to Information as a Tool of Good Governance” has been published by National Law University in conference proceedings.
  18. Paper titled “Mergers, Acquisitions & Corporate Restructuring” has been published by Ansal University Business Review (AUBR) ISSN No: 2320-0502.

Publications in Magazine

  • Article ‘A Target beyond Range’ published on Live Law Column on 1st May, 2020.
  • Short article titled, “Cyber Crimes: Reality Check” published in newsletter of School of Management Studies “De Facto ” with the theme The App World: Myth or Reality”
  • Research article ‘Analysis of New CSR provisions under Companies Amendment Act 2019’ published in the Part IV, Volume 151 (August 31, 2019 issue) in Corporate Law Adviser (CLA) (ISSN 0970-8987).

Book Chapters Contributed

  1. Book Chapter, ‘ Violation of Human Rights of Migrant of Workers during Covid -19’ published in the book titled, Violation of Human Rights during Covid -19 in 2022ISBN n 978-93-93493-74-3.
  2. Research article ‘Role of Public Information Officers against Right to Information- an Analytical Study’. The paper has been Published in the book, Global Thoughts and Opinions edited by Hon’ble Justice A.K. Sikri and Prof. Dr. N.K. Chakrabarti bearing ISBN No. 978-81-947778-5-4. March 2021.
  3. Research Article, “Protection of Rights of Women Workers In The Era Of Globalization” published in edited book titled Women and Human Rights – Global perspective published by KUK.ISBN 978-93-86695-31-4
  4. Published research paper “A Concoction of Nationalism, Media and Majority- A Surge of Sentiments or A Deluge to Dread?” in theInternational Conference on Understanding Nationalism and Patriotism in the contemporary World in National Law University, Delhi on 2-3rd March, 2019 organised by Centre for Human Rights and Subaltern(CHRSS), National Law University, Delhi in collaboration with National Academy of Law Teachers (NALT) 978-93-84272-24-1.
  5. Research Paper, ‘Digitization of Land Records: Empowering the Empowered or Effective Data Use?’ published in the Book Contours of Real Estate, by Thomson Reuters. ISBN: 978-93-89407-59-4.
  6. Published Research paper titled “RTI as A Tool of Good Governance- An Analysis” in Book on Right to Information: A tool for Transparency and Accountability by RGNUL, Patiala ISBN: 978- 9-38-416630-4
  7. Paper titled “Compulsory Voting: A Critical Study’ published in Book named Corruption in Governance by National law university Delhi ISBN NO. 988-84272-00-5,
  8. Presented paper “Overview of the POCSO Act- Challenges and Concern” in International Conference of Child Rights- Unheard Voices organized by School of Law, Ansal University Gurugram on 27th April, 2019 published in conference proceedings.