Where Alma Matters!

IILM believes in and has an ardent culture of building and sustaining relationships with former students because they Matter! Alumni Connect has always been and continues to be a focus at IILM.

Proud to have a rich repository of more than 15,000+ alumni, well placed in and leading organisations into diverse fields all across the globe! From time to time our Alumni visit the campus and give their priceless guidance to the students about latest trends in the industry and job markets. This further serves to strengthen the placement body of IILM leading to many pre-placement offers even before students finish their course!

An Annual Alumni Meet brings together alumni from across IILM campuses helping relive college nostalgia and build a close lifetime network

Alumni Events

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Mosaic – 2023

10:00 am - 5:00 pmIILM University, Greater Noida

IILM University Welcomes ICA PIDILITE

12:30 pm - 3:30 pmIILM University, Gurugram

Alumni Network

15,000+ Well Placed Alumni

IILM takes pride in its strong alumni network of 15000+ who are well placed across industries or have joined and strengthened their family businesses in India or overseas, started new ventures or chosen a path less travelled.

At IILM we strive to provide an engaging platform for its alumni to maintain lifelong relationships and engage with its Alma Mater. An IILM student, and later when he becomes an alumnus, has access to the expanded rich network of IILM alumni across its many campuses who graduate both from undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

Alumni Connect

  • IILM’s Board of Governors has representation of Senior Alumni among other eminent members.
  • Alumni are regularly invited for important events to our campuses such as Orientation Week, Convocation, Conferences, Festivals, Social Gatherings and the Annual Alumni Meet.
  • Talks, Panel Discussions and Guest Lectures by Alumni are organised so students can listen and learn from them as well as interact gaining insight from their experiences/expertise. The students get an opportunity to network and explore.
  • Placement Team at IILM coordinate with Alumni to engage with them for placement of students at IILM. Wide network of alumni across industries strengthens placement at IILM providing better industry connect and many pre-placement offers during placement process. Alumni are also invited for Pre Placement sessions organised to train our students for a particular industry to help prepare for upcoming placement process. They are invited to be part of panels to conduct SIP viva and/or judge SIP report .IILM Placement Team also shares with Alumni any job opportunities with experience they come across.
  • Regular Feedback is taken to keep IILM course curriculum updated as per latest industry requirements and popular trends.
  • Student visits and interactions are organised at companies, factories owned by Alumni or where they work.
  • Alumni also engage in mentoring of our students and students gain with priceless guidance
  • Specific workshops are organised by Alumni on latest topics, technology and developments to hone student skill sets.
  • Alumni are also invited for relevant Development Programmes/Training Session/Foreign faculty lectures on campus where they can learn and benefit from.
  • IILM Alumni connect and gain from ever increasing lifelong associations not just from in person meetings but also as they are part of IILM social media groups on platforms like Linkedin, Facebook, Almaconnect
  • Every year one distinguished alumnus/alumna is felicitated during our annual convocation. He or she addresses the graduating batch and others after the address of Chief Guest. Few deserving alumni from each campus are also recognised during the Annual Alumni Meet
  • An Annual International Meet is held every year which is an opportunity for alumni to come together for a good time, to network and for nostalgia. (See Section on Annual Alumni Meet)
  • Alumni Database gets updated each year and round the year through Database Drive (online form) to have the most recent data for thousands of our alumni.
  • Alumni are invited as jury members For Annual Debate, Club Competitions and for contests in IILM Festivals among others.

Mr. Manoj Pal

Senior Manager Supply Chain (Global Omni channel Logistics) at Amway India

I am grateful to IILM Gurugram for the wonderful experience & exposure I got while I was doing my PGDM here. Not only the subject expertise I’ve got, but an overall well-structured education where I received life changing lessons as well as guidance from all the faculty members, one of them is to change the changeable, accept the unchangeable, and move out from unacceptable.

A Special thanks to Sujata Shahi ma’am for her mentorship which made my journey a special one in IILM Gurugram.


I joined IILM Gurgaon in 2018, while I finished high school in 2017 and then went to the USA to do my graduation but then I decided to drop out and come back to India.
IILM Gurgaon was exactly the nurturing environment I needed to get my confidence back. Thanks to the excellent faculty who have always been extremely supportive, and for me always gave me the extra push I needed after I had lost my confidence. Now towards the end of my 3-year journey at IILM and I cannot even recognize the person I was when I joined. Thanks to the vast #internships and interesting #assignments in the classrooms to broaden my horizons and also giving me the confidence to be able to achieve whatever I put my mind to.

Arjun Vohra
BBA (2018-2021)

The other day while talking to my friends I realized something, what seemed like a long journey three years back has rather been a short one.
My experience at IILM has been a rollercoaster ride filled with ups and downs, when I started my journey i didn’t know what these 3 years would turn out to be and how they will shape me as a person, IILM gave me opportunities to which helped me Hone my skills and discover what I am actually good at.
The faculty here encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone and try different things.
I thank IILM for the various internship opportunities they’ve provided us with. My 2 months of internship gave me a lot of practical exposure. I am excited to see what the future holds for me!

Rhea Mahajan
B.A. Psychology (2018-2021)

IILM has helped me tremendously in developing these critical skills by pushing me into real-time challenging tasks & leadership roles & in addition provided me the right spotlight and platform to shine & showcase my leadership & communication skills. I was also offered ample opportunities to test out my skills from first year itself, one of them in particular was being selected as “Student ambassador”, which was by far the most important & responsible leadership role I got to experience, helped me to hone my skills a lot & assisted me in driving my passion during my 2 month internship with KPMG India. Even during these arduous times, the faculty ensured to provide consistent personal attention to my visions & goals.
From participating in numerous fests to submitting assignments & meeting friends that I’ll be cherishing for life, this journey has been no less than a roller coaster. I thank IILM for providing me with countless opportunities & for these precious memories that I got experience in these past three years.

Isha Thakur
BBA (2018-2021)

I’ve always been a worrier, anything that I was supposed to do, would stress me so much, even once it was done I would run the thing over in my head. Keep on wondering, if I could have done anything differently or better.
When I started my journey at IILM, I remember doing exactly the same. submissions/tests or organizing events, would get me worked up & so was never able to enjoy the process in its glory .This could definitely have impacted what should be the most memorable 3 years of my life. During my first year, I was given so many opportunities at IILM, becoming a #Student #Ambassador for the college, going for a #summer #school program to the prestigious #London School of #Economics, being part of events I will forever remember and also getting the chance to learn from such valued faculty members. I didn’t want these times to get blown away because of me worrying. My credit goes to the IILM family who taught me that it isn’t ever about the outcome but the journey towards achieving it.
Even during these testing times, online teaching and learning was so structured and organized thanks to the IILM faculty. I again have IILM to thank for the numerous #internship opportunities given even during these trying times. My two months internship from home trained and taught me well. Ironically, being so close in proximity to IILM, in all probability will have to bid my farewell to it virtually which will be my only bone of contention thus far!

Abhilasha Wazir
BBA (2018-2021)

BBA classes in the day and theatre classes in the evening, my journey at IILM gave me the freedom to pursue my passion and effectively strike a balance between the two important aspects of my life with ease.
Theater has always been an integral part of my life. Having been associated with Shri Ram Centre of Performing Arts (SRCPA) since the last five years, I continued my passion for acting even after enrolling for my BBA program at IILM University.
During this duration of study, I not only learned from academicians and industry professionals at IILM University, but was also able to perform over 10+ professional theatre shows in Delhi and got associated with renowned leaders like Shah Rukh Khan, Imtiaz Ali and Alia Bhatt from the industry. Recently, I also completed my internship in the film “Night Before that Day” with acclaimed director Mr. Rajesh Chopra.
Today I have accomplished both academically and professionally because of the encouragement and support received from my teachers at IILM University. This not only gave me the confidence to continue my ambitions for theatre but also helped me succeed in both spheres. Truly grateful to be a part of IILM University!

BBA (2018-2021)

My journey at IILM has been all about growth and change is perspective. Coming from a commerce background, I was apprehensive in pursuing a degree in Psychology. However, IILM and the wonderful faculty made this transition easy and helped me build a career I had always wanted.
The Psychology Department at IILM has always pushed the envelope in its efforts to support mental health advocacy- an issue I have always been passionate about. I feel fortunate to have been a part of various such initiatives throughout my journey here.
Now in my final year, I look back on the ample exposure and opportunities I received along the way that have helped me become the person I am today. Be it academics, workshops, or participating in university festivals, I have fond memories of it all and will carry them with pride.
I remain grateful to the institution and especially to the faculty for their constant support and guidance throughout. I am excited to see what the future holds for me!

BA Psychology (2018-2021)