IILM Faculty

IILM focuses on building strong leadership through excellence in teaching and research.

IILM has high acclaimed, competent, and well-qualified faculty members with strong academic credentials. Our faculty members hold PhD degrees from reputed national/international universities. Various renowned academicians and accomplished industry practitioners are also a part of the IILM faculty team who are passionate about teaching. Our faculty members come from myriad backgrounds, and this vast mix of knowledge combined with extensive research and industry experience adds an exceptional learning experience for creative minds.

The faculty of IILM has been continuously working towards making IILM a better place for the students.

The faculty members adopt a blended learning pedagogy where theory and real-world practices are weaved into the curriculum to prepare students for employability. Teaching methods include case studies, simulation, role plays, seminars, and presentations. Apart from classroom teaching, our faculty members actively engage in research, consultancy, and corporate training programs in their respective areas of expertise. IILM organises various faculty development programs (FDPs) throughout the year for upgrading its faculty members’ learning and intellectual growth.