Clubs & Societies

At IILM, our mission is to enhance the overall undergraduate student experience andwe encourage students to explore, engage and experience all aspects of college life. There are a diverse range of both competitive and recreational opportunities at IILM University.

The clubs and societies provide a platform for students to express their talent and act as the network lifeline for the entire IILM Community. This interaction with fellow students and active participation helps with the overall growth and development of a young person into a well-rounded individual.

Conferences, monthly events, annual festivals, TEDx Talks, inter-campus debates and in house publications are just a few of the options available to the students to expand their horizon in terms of co-curricular activities.

Whether you are looking to participate in one of our academic club teams, or are looking to get involved in activity clubs or social sports sessions, there are plenty of options to choose from. Students can also initiate new clubs/societies. Some of the existing options available are as follows:

Cultural Club - Utsav

The club celebrates different cultures and festivals of India representing the diversity of customs, traditions, faith and belief of the students on campus

Sports Club - Parakram

To promote the spirit of working in teams, experience the fun of competitiveness, aiming towards a common goal. It is rejuvenating and there is something to learn from each game and event.

Environment & Sustainability Club

The clubs fosters the idea of conservation of natural resources and intelligent management of the same. An emphasis on green consciousness, usage of renewable technologies, and promoting cleanliness is the motto of the members

Yuva Goonj - NGO

Yuva Goonj, NGO is supported by IILM students who work for social development of underprivileged individuals, group & communities


Design Club

The club promotes creativity and innovation and helps students to understand their capability through out-of-the-box solutions. Within this we have the fashion and interior teams as well organising workshops and competitions. It aims to enhance multiple varied emotions and forms of expression.

Literary Club - Awaz

The club that promotes the ability to write and express, read and share literature – prose, poetry, providing a platform to budding writers.

Digital Society, Photography & Videography

The visual image lasts longer than the verbal expression. The club encourages amateur photographers, videographers, editors to showcase their skills and learn in the process

Fitness Club

Fitness and good health go hand in hand. Health enthusiasts spread the message of fitness through its events and activities, thereby inducting more members to follow their path.

Support & Art Club

Performing and Fine Arts is a great way to explore the talent of the budding artists who require an audience to give off their best and encourage the uninitiated to take a step further.

Health & Life Skills Club

The psychosocial competency of dealing with the demands and challenges of life is as essential as any other skill. Members promote and encourage discussions around the topic and encourage members to share and learn.

Book/Movie Club

The bookworm and the movie buff have a seat at the table as books and movies tell us a lot about the world and life that we cannot experience. Sharing of such thoughts creates an environment of curiosity and wisdom.

Public Speaking Club

It takes a lot of effort to master the art of public speaking. Members practice and host sessions to improve their confidence

Law Club

Lex Clava, is a student-run law club of IILM law School. It engages students in various kind of activities, academic and social. It comprises of students from all the academic years. As a part of Lex Clava, you will have the opportunities to participate in various extra-curricular activities, connecting with new friends, and building a unique five-year experience.

Marketing/Finance/HR Club

The club intends to mix and match different activities and workshops for the students, which will be helpful in giving finishing touches to their grooming and sharpen their marketing/finance/human resources acumen. The sole objective of the club is to make students industry-fit and equip them for the competitive times ahead.

Innovation & Incubation Cell

The Cell encourages all students to have an entrepreneurial mindset – a mindset that identifies opportunities, attempts to innovate and focus on creating value. Conducts activities/events  that will ensure students get inspired to innovate and become entrepreneur’s immediately or even couple of years down the line.

Journalism club -Nazariya

Introducing Nazariya. IILM Journalism society. Nazariya as the word says is the way we look at society. The watcher’s eyes.We are a student body with our teams across departments. We report events from college to the world. We also organise learning events and cultural activities that help students learn holistically.

This is a University where you will make friends for a lifetime