IILM University offers Merit Cum Means Based Scholarship to all deserving candidates thus attracting the brightest of the minds. The scholarship will be a tuition fee waiver on the recommendation of the admission committee. This scholarship is announced at the time of admission. IILM University offers the following scholarships to MBA Students.

MBA Scholarships

IILM University offers the following scholarships.


  • No two scholarships can be combined.
  • Amount of scholarship in various categories detailed above is offered as a percentage of the tuition fee.
  • There are limited seats for each scholarship category.
  • Awarding of Scholarship is at the discretion of the Admission Committee.

CATEGORY 1: 10% Scholarship

  • All girl students who are selected for admission to IILM MBA are eligible for a 10% scholarship
  • All students who are selected for admission to IILM MBA, and have secured 60% or more marks in B. Tech or B.E.
  • Scholarship to acknowledge outstanding achievement of students in areas of Sports, Culture or Bravery.
  • To encourage students from the states of J&K and the North-East, we offer scholarship of 10%.
  • 10% Scholarship for children of Defence Personnel (100% tuition fee waiver for Wards of Martyrs).

CATEGORY 2: 40% Scholarship

Students fulfilling all three criteria mentioned below-

Marks/ Score for Eligibility
Class XII 80% and above
Bachelor’s Degree B. Tech or B.E. :70% and above
B.Sc., BCA, B.Com, B.A.: 65% and above
Competitive Exam Minimum score 700 MAT/240 NMAT/300 CMAT

CATEGORY 3: Scholarship for CAT/XAT Students

Criteria Scholarship Percentage
CAT/XAT percentile 80 and above 40%
CAT/XAT percentile more than 70 but less than 80 20%