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Intellectual Property Rights in India: Issues and Prospects


IILM Law School, in association with IQAC & IIC invites you to celebrate the Intellectual Property Rights Day on 26th April 2022 in virtual mode. The guest speaker is Dr. Sheetal Vohra, Founder & Managing Partner, Vohra & Vohra. To know the issues and prospects in the Intellectual Property Rights in India.

Exploring Colours of Life and Career Paths: Student’s Perspectives


Department of Psychology, at IILM University, Gurugram, offering BA (H) Psychology shapes the next generation of youngsters to be successful psychologists who are objective, empathetic and good listeners. The program provides dedicated hands-on training in the theoretical aspects of the field with a renewed outlook that will allow students to grow both interpersonally and intra-personally. […]

Economic Market Structures and Competition Law

IILM University, Gurugram Gurugram

The different kinds of market structures affect the supply of different commodities in the market and lead to competition between various companies. It is imperative for an MBA graduate to understand the importance of Market structure affecting market outcomes through its impact on the motivations, opportunities and decisions of economic variables participating in the market. […]