Study Abroad Programs

Studying abroad not only has an overall positive impact on the development of the student but also provide a wide range of job skills, expands career possibilities, and has a long-term impact on career progression and promotion.

According to the research conducted at IIE Summit on Generation Study Abroad in Washington, DC one of the big outcomes of the research is that these short-term programs help to develop teamwork skills more effectively and knowing how to be sensitive to other cultures. The study showed that the top five skills were intercultural skills, curiosity, flexibility/adaptability, confidence, and self-awareness. More than 70% of respondents said their study abroad experience contributed to a significant degree of improvement. In addition, more than 50% noted significant gains in interpersonal and problem-solving skills. Even employers agree that studying abroad can have a positive effect on the skills needed for today’s global workforce.

There are three types of offerings for students with international institutes and universities. Students are encouraged to leverage this opportunity to get an edge in their careers.

(Duration 2-3 Weeks)
(Duration 7-10 Days)

Semester Abroad Student Exchange Program

(Duration 3-5 months)

Semester abroad is one of the most beneficial experiences for a student as it gives them an opportunity to study for a full semester at one of our partner schools/ universities. The student not only gets exposure of living and studying in a different culture, but also learns and appreciates the diversity that is a key managerial skill required by organizations today. As the duration is minimum 12 weeks, it gives ample opportunity for the student to imbibe the culture and business practices of that country. Choosing a semester abroad, allows the students to see the world beyond their own city and country, offering them an opportunity to understand different managerial practices, enriching their experiences and forming memories that they cherish for a lifetime. The study abroad program is a positive addition in the resume, enhancing their job prospects and providing benefits that go beyond the academic and the professional world of the students.

IILM has various partnerships across the globe for helping students to choose their semester abroad option. These overseas partnerships give a rich experiential blend of culture, academic and business environment for the students. The students are required to complete one semester in any of the partner universities and have the credits transferred on successful completion.

  • Global Faculty:International faculty provides a very compelling and powerful blend of experience by bringing into practice the global teaching methods and practices.
  • Future Ready:Globalization has led to an integration of economies and the curriculum therefore prepares the student to understand cultures through multicultural classroom approach. It enables the students to get acquainted to the markets thereby preparing them for challenges posed by today’s changing scenarios.
  • Academic Credit:The semester abroad students will also earn credits upon successful completion of the course.
  • Quality Education:All our chosen universities have a reputation of academic excellence. The program aims at fostering high quality education and support with the help of highly trained and experienced international faculty.
  • Inclusive Program:The program runs as a part of the university’s regular class. Students get an opportunity to interact with the international students and at the same time study with them.
  • Global Exposure:The program offers the students a platform for excellent global exposure, exchange of ideas and an opportunity to widen their domain of thoughts through travel and interactions.

Student Eligibility Criteria

The selection of the student for the “Semester Abroad” program will be strictly on merit and shall be subject to the eligibility parameters set by the universities (IILM Lodhi Road and Partner University).

Minimum eligibility criteria for admission are given below however mere fulfilment of the eligibility does not entitle the student to claim a seat:

Minimum 75% attendance required
The student has to clear all the papers to appear for the semester abroad
Student should not be debarred from classes on any disciplinary pretext

Global Study Program

(Duration 2-3 Weeks)

The purpose of Global Study is to give students a global exposure of teaching pedagogy, industry and diverse cultures enabling them to expand their horizons and develop an international perspective. In this 2-3 weeks program, students get an opportunity to visit a partner school in Europe or Asia and complete specialized course modules (which get counted towards elective credits), develop skills for working in global teams & understand and accept cultural diversity which is imperative to work in MNCs.

International Trek

(Duration 7-10 Days)

International Trek gives the student an opportunity to explore the economic, political and cultural contexts of business in different regions of the world. The trek is a theme based (Manufacturing, Entrepreneurship & Innovation, Cultural etc) expedition, where they meet professionals from other countries, exchange ideas with business and government leaders from other parts of the world. Students get an opportunity to visit partner universities in the Middle East, Eastern Europe or South East Asia as a part of the program. The organizing team identifies the theme that interests the students and plans out these treks. The trek provides students an opportunity to test their leadership skills, get an in-depth understanding about a particular industry or geography, which helps them to build contacts for the future. This is a great networking opportunity for students.

Summer School

IILM has a tie up with AIESEC to provide foreign internships to students. We offer social or corporate internships in developing countries, student gain valuable life long experience through these opportunities.

Summer Schools allow students to choose from a wide range of subjects offered by these business schools and have the flexibility of studying another paper from their existing stream or pursue a passion like photography, music, art or literature etc. The duration of the summer session is 6-10 weeks at the partner university campus. Students can explore Summer School options with Boston University, New York University Stern, University of Berkeley in the USA and London School of Economics in the UK.