Global Connect

Providing You Transformative International Experience through Global Connect

At IILM, we believe that international exposure plays a vital role in today’s globalised world. In the business environment today, no organisation can operate in silos within the country of its origin. Tapping into global markets is necessary to ensure the viability of a venture. Creating and maintaining international relationships are imperative to the working of an organisation.

Being a part of, and managing globally and culturally diverse teams is a key skill that all aspiring managers should possess.

Studying abroad not only has an overall positive impact on the development of the student but also provide a wide range of job skills, expands career possibilities, and has a long-term impact on career progression and promotion.

International Transfer

IILM offers a unique opportunity to its students who would like to move abroad after completing one or two years with IILM. The optional International Transfer Programme allows students to move to a partner Institution and graduate with the degree from the partner.

Partner Universities

IILM’s partnerships include student and faculty exchange agreements with eminent academic institutions in institution across the globe including Europe, Canada, US, UK and the Far East. Our esteemed partner institutes in turn regularly open student exchanges and host IILM students

Global Connect

Transformative International Experience

Here, at IILM, it has been a long tradition of international engagement and strengthening the partnerships through global study programs. This was introduced in order to provide students a truly global exposure by giving them an opportunity to interact and study with the international students through intercultural pedagogy, exchange of thoughts, ideas and aspirations thereby enabling the students to become global leaders.

In keeping with this view, IILM actively strives to create and sustain global collaborations and networks so that our students can achieve a multitude of visibility across different spectrums. IILM’s international partnerships aid in enhancing students’ ability to relate to global markets giving them an opportunity to make informed decisions about their careers.