ECELL Activities 2020-2021

1. Business Maze – 2nd November , 2020.
An activity was organised on the Zoom platform which was filled with around 80 participants having entrepreneurial minds, which formed 20 teams in total having 3-4 members in each team.
The activity had 3 rounds. The first round was MIND-DRILL which was a quiz round having 20 teams and from which only 13 teams proceeded to round 2. The second round was named as BASH THE BUZZER which was a visual round in which only five teams were selected for the final round. And the final round was BRAIN BUZZ as the name suggests in which the team had to find an innovative solution for a real life problem provided to them.

2. “ENTREPRENEURSHIP DURING COVID-19” on 5th November, 2020.
The speaker of the Workshop was Mr. Razi Abbas. He is the Co-founder of First Main & Ideotic that aims at building an entrepreneurial ecosystem, where every member mutually benefits one another.The most important things which we learn is how you will turn your approach into goal-

  • Discover
  • Decide
  • Design
  • Deliver

3. “Kick Starting Your Entrepreneurial Journey” on 4th December, 2020.
The speaker of the Workshop Mr. Razi Abbas is the Co-founder of First Main & Ideotic that aims at building an entrepreneurial ecosystem, where every member mutually benefits one another.The session was quite an eye opener for all the participants and provide some valuable insights and introduce us with the harsh reality of the entrepreneurial journey, which was very definitely different from traditional workshops and sessions.

4. “Emphasizing on Entrepreneurship and Innovation” on 30th January, 2021
The speaker of the Workshop was Dr. Manmeet Kaur, She harnesses her skills towards mentoring and coordinating the niche area of ‘Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Family Business’ as Innovation Ambassador of IIC MHRD.
The session on National Education Policy 2020 which was mainly focusing on entrepreneurship and innovation was organized by IIC in Collaboration with E-cell of our university.

The session on “my story on being a successful entrepreneur” , was mainly focusing on entrepreneurship and innovation. He told his journey and motivated the students to be confident enough to work at an early stage and be unique in whatever you are doing.

6. LEAN CANVAS WORKSHOP By Dr. Bindu Aggarwal – 27th February, 2021
To start a business, the first step is to identify a problem and then find a solution to the problem. A lean canvas is basically a short version to your extended business plan. In the workshop conducted on Lean Canvas, Dr. Bindu inspired the students to work towards their business ideas hence describing the first step that they should take towards their business being Lean Canvas. The Lean Canvas Model was explained in a very detailed manner.

7. Let”s talk about HygieneBy Prachi Kaushik – 7th March, 2021
Guest Speaker – Ms. Prachi Kaushik, founder of VYOMINI Speaker talked about her journey while beginning to create awareness about menstruation and all about the problems she faced because of such a mindset of society.
Discussion continued about the prevailing myths that Indian society has regarding menstruation and their impact on women both physically and emotionally. Knowing about the policies and steps that the government has taken for women’s health and hygiene preceded by feedback from the audience on the same.

The guest speakers were Shri. Raghu Dalmia (Dalmia Bharat group), Pranjal Kacholia (Founder & CEO of Eden Smart Home), Anshul Aggarwal (Founder – Rancho labs).
The session revolved around the experiences of all the three speakers.
An insight session on the upcoming business industries was discussed by Mr. Dalmia.

9. Earth Day Initiative – 22nd April 2021

A Social Media initiative was conducted on – Waste Management, segregation of waste – Biodegradable and Non – Biodegradable.

#ChangeTheWayWeThrough – A campaign where we asked people to throw the plastic bags and wrappers in a single plastic bottle. This will help save the animals who eat them, will be easier garbage segregation and will also prevent choking of drainage pipes.