BBA in Business Management (Monroe Degree)

IILM Undergraduate Business School - Lodhi Road
  • Duration: 4 Year
  • Eligibility: Candidate must have passed 10+2 level examination or its equivalent from any recognized Board / University;

Course Objective: BBA in Entrepreneurship strives to ignite the spirit of the entrepreneur among the students and makes them ready to start their own ventures or scale up their family businesses. It helps in developing and strengthening an entrepreneurial mind-set which is critical to success. The course enables a transformative process as the students are involved in ideation, validation, development, and commercialization of entrepreneur’s innovative ideas. It provides a strong platform to assist budding entrepreneurs to understand the various dimensions of running a business with inclusion of courses such as management of financials, accounting, marketing strategies, information systems, project management, insights into entrepreneurship through case studies, family business management and venture capital.

Program Highlights:

► Learn the essential skills and knowledge of business functions to better understand how organizations operate.

► Broaden your business acumen through courses in Finance, Law, Economics, Operations, and Marketing/Communications, among other areas.

► Pursue elective courses tailored to your areas of interest (starting in the 3rd semester)

► Understand the role of business in society, history, culture, and ideology

► Gain exposure and experience at IILM through extracurricular activities, such as club membership or taking a lead role that will develop your team-building, business & financial skills.

Career Prospects: With its focus on industry-focused curriculum and strong student-centric learning approach led by seasoned industry professionals, this program will help students jumpstart their career in business.

Course Name Course Code Core/Elective Credits
English ENG 110 CORE 3
Accounting ACT 102 CORE 4
Information Systems MIS 102 CORE 4
Marketing MKT 103 CORE 4
Management MGT 101 CORE 4
Project Management MGT 105 CORE 4
Mathematical Tools for Business MAT 100 CORE 4
Foreign Language FRL 100 CORE 3
Company Visits COV 100 CORE 1
Course Name Course Code Core/Elective Credits
Commercial Correspondence ENG 115 CORE 3
Economics ECO 100 CORE 4
Law for Business Professionals BUS 109 CORE 4
Managerial Statistics STA 110 CORE 4
Principles of Finance FIN 107 CORE 4
Communication Skills COM 100 CORE 4
Foreign Language FRL 105 CORE 3
Company Visits COV 105 CORE 1
Course Name Course Code Core/Elective Credits
Advanced Accounting ACT 200 CORE (Only for ENTRE & IM) 5
Venture Capital and Private Equity FIN 201 CORE (Only for ENTRE & IM) 5
Reputation Management COM 214 CORE (Only for Comm) 5
Public Relations COM 207 CORE (Only for Comm) 5
Behavioral Finance FIN 226 CORE (Only for Psychology) 5
Coaching and Counselling PSY 310 CORE (Only for Psychology) 4
Human Resource Management MGT 209 CORE 5
Marketing MKT 230 CORE 3
Foreign Language FRL 205 CORE 3
Internship ITP 200 CORE 3
Company Visits COV 200 CORE 1
Financial Statement Analysis ACT 207 ENTRE SPCL 5
Money & Banking FIN 207 IM SPCL 5
Persuasion Theory COM 201 COMM SPCL 5
Foundations of Biological-Cognitive Psychology PSY 201 PSY SPCL 5
Course Name Course Code Core/Elective Credits
International Economics ECO 210 CORE (Only for Entre, IM, Comm) 5
Behavioral Economics ECO 224 CORE (Only for Psychology) 5
Information Systems MIS 220 CORE 4
Strategic Sales Management MGT 217 CORE (Only for Psy, Entre, IM) 5
Mass Communication & New Media Platforms COM 240 CORE (Only forComm) 5
Principles of Finance FIN 220 CORE 5
Foreign Language FRL 210 CORE 3
Company Visits COV 205 CORE 1
Small Business Field Studies ENT 230 ENTRE SPCL 5
European Business BUS245 IM SPCL 5
Advanced Professional Writing COM 202 COMM SPC 5
Foundations of Social-Development Psychology PSY 202 LPSY SPCL 5
Course Name Course Code Core/Elective Credits
International Finance FIN 310 CORE (ONLY FOR ENTRE, IM COMM) 5
Consumer Behavior MKT 310 CORE (ONLY FOR PSY) 5
Strategic Marketing MKT 315 CORE 5
Information Systems MIS 320 CORE 5
Foreign Language FRL 310 CORE 3
Internship ITP 300 CORE 3
Family Business Management ENT 310 ENTRE SPCL 4
Cases in Entrepreneurship I ENT 320 ENTRE SPCL 4
Negotiation Skills MGT 310 IM SPCL 4
Total Quality Management MGT 320 IM SPCL 4
Digital Platform and Media Law COM 303 COMM SPCL 4
Lobbying COM 304 COMM SPCL 4
Introduction to Cultural Psychology PSY 301 PSY SPCL 4
Minds and Machines PSY 302 PSY SPCL 4
Course Name Course Code Core/Elective Credits
Financial Planning and Budgeting FIN 320 CORE (ONLY FOR ENTRE & IM) 5
Marketing Communications COM 320 CORE (ONLY FOR COMM) 5
Psychology at Work PSY 320 CORE (ONLY FOR PSY) 5
Strategic Leadership & Change MGT 330 CORE 5
Business in a World Economy BUS 315 CORE 5
Foreign Language FRL 320 CORE 3
Thesis THE 350 CORE 6
Cases in Entrepreneurship II ENT 330 ENTRE SPCL 5
Mergers and Acquisitions ENT 340 ENTRE SPCL 5
Cases in Finance FIN 340 IM SPCL 5
Cases in Marketing MKT 335 IM SPCL 5
Corporate Communications COM 305 COMM SPCL 5
Political Campaign COM 306 COMM SPCL 5
Cognitive Neuroscience and its Applications PSY 304 PSY SPCL 5
Personality and Intelligence PSY 303 PSY SPCL 5