IILM University offers Merit Cum Means Based Scholarship to all deserving candidates thus attracting the brightest of the minds. The scholarship will be a tuition fee waiver on the recommendation of the admission committee. This scholarship is announced at the time of admission.

Undergraduate Scholarships

IILM University offers the following scholarships.


  • No two scholarships can be combined.
  • Amount of scholarship in various categories, is offered as percentage of tuition fee.
  • There are limited seats for each scholarship category.
  • Awarding of Scholarship is at the discretion of the Admission Committee.

BBA Scholarship | IILM University, Gurugram

1. Merit Scholarship

After 10+2
Scholarship % 30% 20%
IILM GGN 90% and above Aggregate and above in (CBSE/ISC/State Boards) of XII (2022,2021,2020) 80% and above Aggregate* and above in (CBSE/ISC/State Boards) of XII (2022,2021,2020)

2. Girls Student 10% Fee Waiver

3. Scholarships for Students of Haryana Domicile

The fee structure for the 25% of the students who are domicile of Haryana will be based on merit-cum-means as per Section 36(2) of the Haryana Private University Act 2006 and will be as follows:

  • One-fifth of the 25% will be granted full fee concession.
  • Two-fifth of the 25% will be granted 50% of fee concession.
  • The balance two-fifth of the 25% will be granted 25% of fee concession.

4. Outstanding Achievement Scholarship

Scholarship to acknowledge outstanding achievement of students in areas of Sports, Culture or Bravery in State level/ National Level will be eligible for 20%..

5. Scholarship for children of Defense Personnel and Wards of Martyrs

20% Scholarship for children of Defense Personnel (100% tuition fee waiver for Wards of Martyrs).

After 10+2 for applying in Law program

Scholarship % 40% 30% 20%
CLAT Scores CLAT Score of 100 Plus CLAT Score of 75 to 99 CLAT Score of 65 to 74
LSAT Scores LSAT Score above 460 LSAT Score above 420

BBA Scholarship | IILM Undergraduate Business School, Lodhi Road

Sports Scholarship @IILM

Focus, Resilience and Discipline are what make a great sportsperson. We recognize the inner motivation and fire to succeed and invite all sports achievers to avail the IILM Sports scholarship.

You are eligible for the scholarship if you have represented any sport at state or national level as part of a team or in individual capacity. Under this scholarship:

► Students will receive a 20% reduction in tuition fees for all programmes at IILM University, Gurugram or

► Students get an opportunity to pursue the International Degree programme at IILM Undergraduate Business School, Lodhi Road with scholarship upto 40% as recognition of talent.

In addition to providing students with quality education leading to a secure future, we also offer a platform to showcase your skills and train other fellow students.

Our alumni include: Olympic gold medalist, Abhinav Bindra; Youngest Mountaineer to climb Everest, Arjun Vajpai and India’s ace Lady amateur golfer, Gauri Monga. We encourage you to pursue your passion at IILM!

Scholarships for Girls – With IILM’s commitment to encourage girls to study business and become entrepreneurs, IILM offers Rs.3,00,000 /- scholarship to all girls candidate enrolling for Bachelors in International Management and BBA in Entrepreneurship offered in collaboration with Swiss Business School, Switzerland. and BBA in Business Management with Monroe College, New York.

Come, inspire others!

Note: The scholarships are limited in number. Please apply with supporting documents to be considered for the scholarship.

B. Tech Scholarship | IILM CET, Greater Noida

*Applicable for 1st year only

1. Merit Scholarship

Admission Basis 40% 20% 10%
Direct XII Marks + Entrance Marks 90% and above 80- 90% 70- 80%
All India Level Test JEE Marks 200 175 150

2. Sports Scholarship:

• 10% scholarship is offered to students who have represented in sports at state/national level.

3. Special Scholarship:

  • 10% scholarship is offered to the students of Jammu & Kashmir and North East.
  • 10% scholarship is offered to the ward of defence personnel
  • 10% scholarship is offered to girl candidates.
  • Performance based Scholarship is given to all eligible students from 2nd year onward